Eric Mindling | About

I’m drawn by people, roots, character, action, beauty and skill. My photography reflects this interest with series related to dancers and performing athletes to my favorite subject; portraiture of traditional people and the craft of skilled hands.

While I photograph a great deal of life as it happens, I particularly enjoy lighting my photos and working in coordination with my subject(s). This brings a certain visual energy and distinction to the image.

This is especially true for the work I do in Mexico, where I’ve lived since 1992. Photographing in a consensual photoshoot with illumination and post production retouching is a very urban way of going about making an image. I call it making contemporary portraits of traditional ways and consider it a lovely counterbalance to the gritty approach often used by Western photographers when working in traditional, non-Western communities. It is an approach by which I can convey the richness I see in these people, traditions and ways of being.